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Tony is a PhD of Health and Human Performance student expected to graduate Sum 2020. He addresses acute pain and chronic pain to provide symptomatic relief and management of the pain syndromes caused by post surgical or post traumatic tissue damage. Service specialties biofeedback electro-stimulation therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular massage, orthopedic massage, postural assessment, nutritional guidance and more.

A recent graduate from The Atlanta School Of Massage, Tony entered the massage therapy program with over 5000 hours of hands on neurological disability exercise rehab experience, a M.Sc. in Performance Enhancement, certifications in kinetic anatomy, personal training, medical fitness, sports medicine, spinal cord injury rehab, disabled sports, a black belt in Taekwondo,

prior pro boxing trainer, former US Marine and a profound ability to work with his hands. After all he was a F/A-18 jet engine mechanic in the Marines.

Tony knows how to find solutions to your aches and pains, help you to recover from injuries, and be proactive with up to date methods surrounding injury management. For a complete bio including my educational background and approach to massage therapy, simply give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, neuromuscular massage, orthopedic massage, biofeedback micro-current pain management, exercise training, CPR instructor, neurological injuries exercise rehabilitation, and manual therapy for stroke patients.

Job History

NextStep Atlanta. Formerly Project Walk Atlanta. Activities Based Therapy Specialist. Sept 2016-present. Perform evaluations, use integrated program design, complete insurance claim write ups, manage personal, manage business social media, acting hiring manager, and perform client intake.

Project Walk Atlanta. Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Specialist. Sept 2011-Sept 2016. Muscle test, evaluate functional abilities, and design therapeutic exercise protocols for persons with spinal cord injury, stroke, transverse myelitis, and multiple sclerosis. Gait training and neuromuscular re-education also performed. Read, understand, and implement protocols derived from clinical studies.

Therapy Fitness PT. May 2007- Sept 2011. Independent Contractor. Acquire and train clients for in-home/clinical workout sessions range among several physical limitations with spinal cord injury, knee replacements, amputations and other chronic diseases to joint surgeries. Independent contractor for various chiropractic wellness clinics, personal training studios and a physical therapy outpatient clinic.

United States Marines, July 1995 – May 2007. Aircraft Maintenance Officer. Enlisted and Officer. Fixed wing aircraft engine maintenance including but not limited to logistics, supply, power plant and related systems maintenance, ground support equipment, and airframes.

Education History

1       Concordia University-Chicago: PhD in Health and Human Performance. Expected Grad Summer 2020. 3.7 GPA

2       California University of Pennsylvania: M.Sc. in Exercise Science: Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. 3.2 GPA NASM affiliated. Aug 2007

3       University of Arizona: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. May 2003

4       Restorative Therapies Functional Electrical Stimulation for gait rehab. Completed course Jan 2012

5       Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation: Locomotor training. June 2013

6       Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation: Activity Based Therapies Jan 2017

7       Atlanta School of Massage. Massage Therapy program. Jan 2017. 3.89 GPA

8       Upledger Institute. Biofeedback Electro-stimulation therapy. Mar 2017

9       Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) Certification.Concept of movement therapy and performance enhancement via Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). Mar 2017