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Gnome-home.png Employer/College: nobody


Just your generic extremely experienced academic.


No "skills", I hope! Just thinking.

Job History

Embarrasingly, I appear to have accumulated a lot of research fellowships in computer science and engineering over a 30 year span. I clearly couldn't make the grade at saying things a child could believe they understood! But then I don't either (believe I understand it or anything).

Education History

Seemingly forever at Cambridge for two degrees in pure mathematics and a doctorate in electrical engineering, mixed in with a research fellowship in theoretical computer science at U. Kent at Canterbury, before returning to the CUED for a research associateship in information engineering, whatever that may be. For dessert a research wahetever-they-call-a-postdoc at Oxford University computer lab in the programming research group. Then things took a turn for the better. Ho hum.