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Established since 2002, New Image Eyewear Boutique has been a primary vision care specialist for many city folks of the Kuala Lumpur business district. New Image eyewear is an award-winning spectacle shop located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that serves top quality and professional vision care solutions encompassing in vogue styling advice tailored for unique characters.


We serve as professional consultants with the vision to ensure every single one of our customer’s optical needs are taken care of from all types of corrected visual ophthalmic lenses to context lenses, following by the latest trendy sunglasses and fashionable eyewear in the most possible efficient way as our principal consultant is willing to give all out by fully utilising their passion and dedication.


We have won the KPDNKK highest recognition for optical retail two years (back to back) for the best fair price and best services category. Personalize and professional services is what set us apart from the many optical chain stores blossoming nowadays besides being one of the handfuls of a multifocal specialist in Kuala Lumpur.