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Gnome-home.png This user is a student of Universidad de Carabobo.


Krystie Paula Linares Freites is a bilingual Spanish/English Physician specialized in Occupational Health from Venezuela.

She is an experienced Translator and Researcher with a Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Carabobo as well as having a diploma in Occupational Health and Public Health Management. 


  • General and Medical English/Spanish Translation
  • Occupational Health risk Management and Assessment
  • Public Health Management
  • Domiciliary Health Management
  • Chronic Patient Care
  • Medical Writing
  • Virtual Assistance

Job History

  • General and Rural Physician - INSALUD. San Joaquin Medical Center. San Joaquin, Carabobo. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2012-2013
  • Domiciliary Health Physician - Emergencia Medica Integral (EMI). Valencia, Carabobo. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2013-2013
  • General Physician - MEINTRA C.A. Valencia, Carabobo. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2013-2013
  • Occupational Health Physician - Sanitas. Bigott Cigar Factory. Valencia, Carabobo. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2014-2014
  • Occupational Health Physician - Sermintra D.M Valencia, Carabobo. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2014-2015
  • General Physician - Reinmed C.A. Valencia, Carabobo. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2013-2015
  • General Physician - IPS Unidad Medica Santa Fe - EPS Compensar. Bogota, Colombia 2015-2016
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization and Chronic Patient Care - HomeSalud. Bogota, Colombia 2016-2017

Education History

  • High School Diploma - U.E. Simon Bolivar, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2000-2005
  • Bachelor in Medicine - Universidad de Carabobo, Health Faculty, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2007-2012
  • Public Health Management Diploma - FUNDACELAC, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2012-2013
  • Security and Occupational Health Diploma - FUNDAUC, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2013-2013