Antonia P. Morgan

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Slovak, Czech, Russian, English


Highly resourceful and dedicated Entry Level Psychologist with a superior knowledge base in abnormal psychology and treatment plants. Adept at handling patient crisis and other difficult situations with the highest possible degree of professional sympathy and effectiveness. Able to mentor junior mental health facility and nursing staff in treating and responding to patients suffering from cognitive and emotional disorders. Directing research fora potential national and international clientele, specialize market research for specific products. Request submitting, and other administrative work. In addition, accountable for supporting the planning and implementation of Leadership Development priorities to drive improved performance and business results, leadership programs across the enterprise. The ability to effectively collaborate with business and HR professionals by managing multiple projects such as Working with a new program that helps HR departments significantly improve the participation rates of their wellness programs, based on a clinical trial at Danbury Hospital CT. Both the APA and AMA have shown strong interest in our approach that integrates pioneering work in functional medicine with a groundbreaking psychotherapeutic approach to self-care.


Superior Experience Understanding Behavior Pattern s Outstanding Creating Problem-Solving Skills s Exceptional Proficiency in Crisis Intervention Technique s Strong Skills in Evaluation of Clients Needs and High Empathy and Emotional Stability to Help Patients to Cope with Trauma s Profound Oral and Written Communication Abilities s Great Management Strategies

Job History

The Human Development Company
Educational-Research Organization

Education History

M.S., Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, University of Phoenix

B.S., Bachelor of Science, University of Phoenix