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Anja Fic was born in 1984 in Kranj, Slovenia. She attedned elementary and secondary school in Škofja Loka. She finished undergraduate study at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2010 with the degreee "The effectivness of Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy measured with urea breath test" under the mentorship of prof. dr. Joško Osredkar and prof. dr. Borut Štabuc. The same year she started to study Biomedicine, Toxicology, and started to work at the Faculty of Pharmacy as a young researcher under the mentorship of dr. Lucija Peterlin Lucija Mašič. As part of her doctoral research she studies the toxicity of endocrine disruptors, bisphenols. She also takes part in toxicology courses in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. As undergraduate student she was representative of students and a member of the Student Council. She played handball for 14 years at the club and for the Slovenian national team, which participated in the European Championships and she was selected as the most promising Slovenian handball player.


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