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How do I verify a page?

Verifying a page is easy. Read the entire page and ensure the references at the bottom are from reputable sources and they represent the claims made in the article. If you are satisfied with the content, you can just click the “Verify” button on top right corner of the page. This particular exercise of fact checking someone else's work ensures you get a deep understanding of the subject.

Verify a page.png

How do I verify a single edit?

  1. Click on View History (top right corner of each article).
  2. Select two revisions from the history
  3. Pick "Compare Selected Revisions"
  4. Click the Verify button if you feel the content written in the revision is accurate.
Here is an example:

Verify a revision.png

Verifying an edit from your Newsfeed

Once you connect with other students and experts, you may also verify an edit directly from the Newsfeed by clicking the “verify” button available within each post of the Newsfeed.


How do I edit an article?

Please refer to the MediaWiki tutorial.