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About Verify.Wiki

Verify.Wiki helps fight unverified information share on social media.

Verify.Wiki uses the power of collaboration and crowd-sourcing to fight unverified content shared across WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube and other online and social sources. Every contribution goes through a crowd-sourced verification process to ensure further accuracy and transparency. Users receive badges and industry certifications for contributing and verifying content.

False News shared on WhatsApp in India

Child abduction WhatsApp story is False

பெரம்பூர் பள்ளி வீடியோ உண்மையல்ல

बाल अपहरण व्हाट्सएप कहानी झूठी है

Company Pages

Ipreo (Financial Services Technology)

Blue Apron (Online Food Delivery)

Jogo Health (Digital Healthcare)

ZZW Global (Oil and Energy)

ThoughtSpot (Data Science)

Product Pages

Centrum Vitamints (Consumer Product)

Alka-Seltzer Consumer (Consumer Product)

Topic Pages

QuickUpload798 20170509170323.jpg

Data Science

Apache Hive

Training and Certification Pages

Certificate in Current Pharmacovigilance Regulatory Landscape

Certificate in Mobile Ad Networks Industry Overview

Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview