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Call/WhatsApp +27678390312 Thank you for visiting A POWERFUL, GIFTED, [SPIRITUAL|TRADITIONAL|HERBAL] PRACTITIONER, FORTUNE TELLER & MARRIAGE CONSULTANT. Services offered: Traditional Healing: Our traditional healing practice is meant to heal you as an individual, as a whole. Traditional Healing focuses on the person, illness and in doing so it works wonders. Come experience it. Marriage, Lost Love and Love Spells: For strengthening your marriage, attracting a lover, re-uniting a lost love, finding true love, banishing past love, to casting all kinds of spells, you are welcome. Financial {Money} Problems or Business Success Related: The MAGIC STICK or RING to change your fortune. Casting business related spell to bring you more customers, business spells to give your company a boost and business spells to improve your sales. Start a business that is successful, run a business successfully, attract lots of customers, create a big company that will make you rich and famous with powerful business spells. Cast spells to unlock riches, spells to attract money, and spells to make you wealthy, money spells to help you achieve financial freedom, money charms and money amulets. See your business achieve financial stability reach out and achieve success. Spiritual Healing: Spiritual healing, or spirit healing forces and energies coming from "spirit" (souls on the 'other side', who come to assist with healing or loving souls who still wish to be of service to humankind) via the medium of the healer, which affect healing in a patient. Prof. Owen has healing hands using his physical body as a conduit between loving souls who still wish to be of service to humankind’s healing energies and the patient. Herbal Healing: Herbal healing and other natural health remedies (Medical Herbs) are very effective in healing the allergies, raising and renewing the body vitality. Prof. Owen can ease pain, prevent Alzheimer's, and ward off cancer and heart disease and many other ailments. Visit the Herbal center for more details. Female & Male Infertility Treatments: Causes of infertility are lack of sufficient nutrients that affect the reproductive system. For instance, the endocrine glands, which secrete and control hormones, depend on a correct supply of nutrients. Physic Powers: Gifted with abilities to perform many physic powers from materialization, disappearance, or exportation of an object, visioning, being in multiple places, and transfer of thoughts or emotions. Palm Reading: known as palmistry or chiromancy, is practiced to evaluate your character or future. We can help you turn your fortunes around. Other Specialties include: -Remove thokoloshe from homes -Protection for houses with voodoo spells -Do you want to see what the Future has in store for you? -Do you need a Curse Removed? -Divine prayers -Powerful Spell Casting -Fortune Telling Whether it is for Love, Family or Relationship Issues, Financial matters or anything else, call for assistance. I specialize in various forms of spiritual solutions to assist you with any challenge you might be facing. Authentic Traditional Spiritual Healer and expert Psychics with more than 45 years combined experience in the fields of Spiritual Healing and Spell Casting. I serve clients from all over the world. With extreme spiritual and psychic powers to assist with any problem you might have. Let my divine prayers and spell casting techniques empower you to overcome all obstacles in life. Call / Chat now for a Telephonic Consultation Phone (South Africa): 0678390312 Phone (International): +27678390312