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Here is how I think we should organize the work. There are 3 main sections in each article:

  • 1. What is the news story
  • 2. Why the story is true
  • 3. Why the story has misinformation

    Here is what I'm suggesting we should do in each:

  • 1. What is the news story

    A one line summary of the source article containing an external link (not a reference/citation) to the article.
    All the claims being made in the article should be extracted and placed in a numbered list, using clear short sentences.

  • Then we take each claim from the numbered list and research it.
  • If we find evidence supporting it, then we place it in section "2. Why the story is true" (and add that evidence as citations).
  • If we find evidence against it (or don't find evidence supporting it), we place it in section "3. Why the story has misinformation" (and add that evidence as citations).
  • We can add each claim formatted as subheading-1.
  • Also, we can discuss any evidence we would like under the Discussion thread for that section.

    This way we can address every single claim made in the article, and decide whether it is supported or not supported, and provide evidence for all our decisions. And also we can avoid adding anything beyond that, and therefore avoiding an unnecessarily long article.

  • In the end, we can remove the claims list (because I think QC does this anyway), and we can remove the subheadings for each claim, and rephrase the entire article to achieve a smooth flow of information.

    We can assign each of us to a number or several numbers from the claims list.
    I've already finished the first 5 claims, so you all can go ahead and verify those if you'd like. What remains is Claim #6 .
    I've found some evidence in 6.1.
    Each of us can now take an ingredient and research it, and add it in the correct section.
    Each of us can say which ingredient they'd like to work on by replying to this thread.
    That way it won't get lost in a 800-message-strong skype conversation. :)

    I hope this makes our work together easier.
    Please let me know what you think

    Thank you!

    Amir.n.moussa (talk) 12:55, 26 August 2017 (UTC)

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    Hi Amir, your suggestions are worthy. I am working on Nutmeg ans lemon juice