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1110 (Talkcontribs)

Could we at least keep the same citation style? And could you please check if the reference is already in-use before you add it as "new Cite".

How to check? Click "re-use" under "Cite" tab within the "edit" section, simply paste your URL, if it has been already used earlier in the page, then it will show up in the search result, if it's not there, then you can safely add it as a new cite.


1043 (Talkcontribs)

Hi Ahmad, Thanks for your message. I already recheck references before adding new ones. I remember I have added one reference, which already exists within another section of the topic. Anyhow, okay I'll consider your advice. Thank you. In terms of citation styles, please, let me know which style you prefer? And why you are confused with other styles? I think it's perfectly fine for each one of us to consider any style.