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Type Now part of Yahoo
Industry Advertising, Mobile Analytics
Founded 2005
Slogan Measure, monetize, advertise and improve your apps with Yahoo tools.
Key people Simon Khalaf(CEO & President)
Prashant Fuloria(CPO)
Grady Burnett(COO)
Bob Komin(CFO)
Sean Galligan(VP Sales &Business Development)
Yannis Dosios(VP Business Operation)
Jarah Euston(VP Analytics & Marketing)
Richard Firminger(Managing Director, Europe)
Investors Union Square Ventures, SharesPost Investment Management, Neu Venture Capital, Menlo Ventures, InterWest Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Crosslink Capital and Borealis Ventures
Number of employees 150

Flurry is a San Francisco, CA, USA based company that provides analytics solutions for businesses to monitor the trends and habits of mobile users across multiple mobile applications. It is optimizing the mobile experience for developers, marketers and consumers by providing various services to build, measure, advertise, and monetize various applications. Flurry’s market leading analytics product sees activity from more than 700,000 apps on over 1.8 billion smartphones and tablets worldwide, giving the company the deepest understanding of mobile consumer behavior. In its latest update, the company had redesigned its metrics portal and also the released a tvOS developer kit and new apps for Flurry Analytics.

Flurry was acquired by Yahoo in July 2014 for more than $200M and operates as a subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc.[1].Flurry was backed by Borealis Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson(DFJ), Draper Richards, First Round, InterWest Partners, Menlo Ventures, Neu Venture Capital, SharesPost Investment Management, Union Square Venutures.


Flurry was launched in 2005 by entrepreneur Sean Byrnes. It first started as a premium mobile applications company, that grew mostly in the developing world. As the team realized that it would be hard to monetize through advertising in these markets, they decided to pivot into a universal analytics platform that all mobile apps could use.

The Flurry analytics and advertising platform really started to take off with the advent of the iPhone, which, with its own App Store, democratized the ability for developers to launch mobile applications and instantly reach millions of people. The revolutionary part about the App Store was that developers could keep 70% of the revenue (with the App Store taking 30%), and make money in unprecedented ways due to the consumer distribution of the App Store. Google soon followed with their own version of the App Store (initially called Android Market),[6] and soon after Flurry became the de facto analytics platform for mobile apps.

Flurry also merged with a company called Pinch Media based in New York that was working on a similar product in the year 2009[2], and together they had almost 80% marketshare for mobile analytics. Later Flurry acquired Trestle,a BaaS-based web app that enables mobile app developers to use various API-based cloud services to power their apps in 2012 [3] .Flurry was acquired by Yahoo! on July 21, 2014.


  • Flurry Analytics - An application analytics solution to understand how consumers interact with their mobile applications. Tumblr In-App Sharing is a new feature of Yahoo for Flurry analytics that enables your app users to share their content to Tumblr.
  • Flurry for Publishers (AppSpot) - Itserves relevant ads that result in more clicks, conversions, and revenue, as well as scales to manage multiple ad networks, cross-promote apps, and more
  • Flurry for Advertisers (AppCircle) - It empowers corporations to build audience for their applications
  • Flurry Personas - Ther are targetable segments of consumers with shared interests based on their usage across various applications
  • Flurry Marketplace - It provides publishers with access to advertisers through a single SDK integration
  • Yahoo App Publishing - An application to selectively choose the presentation of ads that fit to the user experience.
  • Yahoo App Marketing - It help to efficiently acquire new users, grow engagement and track results with targeted native and video advertising across Yahoo, Tumblr and thousands of mobile apps.
  • Flurry Pulse - This gives you the ability to share your app data with integrated partners

Top 5 Recent Tweets

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December 12, 2018SimonkhalafWell this is a trend @FlurryMobile got right and for sure got the decade right as well https://t.co/hD3Ec94cn3
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Top Headlines

  • Yahoo’s Flurry unveils redesign, launches analytics apps and Apple TV SDK - The company not only announced today the redesign of its metrics portal, but also the release of a tvOS developer kit and new apps for Flurry Analytics. [4]
  • Flurry Analytics Rolls Out Support For Apple Watch - Yahoo announced this week that it’s adding support for Apple Watch analytics to its free mobile analytics service Flurry, which the company acquired last year. [5]
  • New Yahoo Mobile Development Suite Seduces App Makers With Analytics, Search, Ads - Flurry now has 200,000 app developers on its platform who have built 630,000 apps that reach 1.6 billion devices. [6]
  • Flurry Finds That Apple Devices And Phablets Scored Big On Christmas - Flurry has released its annual Christmas report. Each year, the holiday sees the highest number of device activations and app installations as people open presents, and last week was no exception. [7]
  • Flurry Raises Another $12.5M For Mobile Analytics And Advertising - It raised a $25 million round about a year ago, and at the time, CEO Simon Khalaf hinted at a possible IPO and said the company had become cash-flow positive. [8]


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