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FAME Pharmaceuticals Industry Co,.Ltd.
Type Private
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 1994
Slogan We improve the quality of life through natural and organic herbal products
Founder Dr. Khin Maung Lwin
Headquarters No. 20, Mingyi Mahar Min Gaung Road, Industrial Zone (3), Hlaing Thar Yar City of Industry, 11401, Yangon, Myanmar.
Number of employees more than 300
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The FAME pharmaceutical manufacturing plant was built and is managed according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines set up by WHO and ISO. The plant was initially certified by complying with ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) in 2002. In 2006, ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) were awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification, United Kingdom. Presently, the manufacturing plant is operating under the ISO 9001:2015 standard. In 2014 the plant achieved organic certification from the USDA to produce high quality organic finished products. The “FAME Organic Pharm” farming project was started in 2000 in Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Division. FAME partnered with Sweden based Grolink Organic Farming Consultancy Service to initiate the first organic agriculture practice in Myanmar. In 2010, the organic farm was certified by Myanmar Organic Agriculture Group and Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT). To continue the organic commitment, the FAME farm was certified with the USDA Organic (United States Dept. of Agriculture, National Organic Program) and Australian Certified Organic in 2014. The FAME Clinic was established in 2010 using alternative medicine methods to treat patients in Myanmar with health problems associated with the urological, respiratory, central nervous, and cardiovascular systems. Alternative treatments included herbal medicine, homeopathy, diet and nutrition changes, and therapeutic exercises to patients with acute and chronic diseases. FAME publishing house was established in 2005 to educate the public about healthy living, the dangers of synthetic chemicals in food chains, the causes of a variety of diseases. Since 2009, FAME has published the “Health Talk” and “Medicinal Plants” series to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The Health Talk series focuses on diet and nutrition while the Medicinal Plants series provides scientific knowledge about herbal medicinal plants.


Anti-cancer supplements

 BeePollen - Nutritional supplement
 Biocrush® - Anti-tumor
 Chamomile - Apigenin 50 mg
 Ganocan® - Lingzhi powder 250 mg
 GreenTea - EGCG 150 mg
 Mangosteen - Natural antibiotics
 Nonicap® - Immunoenhancement
 Wheatgrass - For rejuvenation

Anti-diabetic Supplements

 DiabeHerb® - Natural hypoglycemic agent
 GynuHerb® - Natural medicine for diabetes
 JavaHerb® - Anti-diabetic

Anti-hypertensive Supplement

 Normosin® - Anti-hypertensive

Antioxidant Supplements

 Alfalfa - Potent detoxification supplement
 Chlorella - Green microalgae
 Completec® - Complete antioxidant
 Nature-C® - Natural vitamin C supplement
 RoyalJelly - Royal Jelly... 75 mg
 SpiruEmblica® - Natural antioxidant supplement
 Tomatec® - Lycopene antioxidant 10 mg
 Vegeplex® - Vegetable complex
 Wheatgrass - For rejuvenation

Bone & Joint Supplements

 Arthrotec® - Bio supplement for joint
 Herbigesic® - Natural analgesic & anti-inflammatory cream
 Osteomax® - Bone density enhancement
 Salixin® - Natural analgesic and antipyretic
 Tinoflam® - Natural anti-inflammatory agent

Brain Supplements

 HerbalFresh® - Mental refreshment
 HerbalSleep® - For sleep aid
 Neurogin® - For microcirculation
 Resveratrol - Cellular energy Booster

Eye Supplements

 Nature-A® - Carotenoid complex
 Phototec® - Natural antioxidant for eye

Digestive Supplements

 Biogurt® - Probiotic supplement
 Bromelain - For healthy digestive system
 Curcumin - Gastric mucosal defense
 Diarstat® - For bacillary dysentery and diarrhoea
 Dysenzi® - For amoebiasis and giardiasis
 Vomigin® - Natural antiemetic tablet

Heart Supplements

 Appletec® - Quercetin
 Nature-Q10® - Coenzyme Q10
 SpiruGarlic® - Natural cholesterol lowering

Honey & Bee Supplements

 Asparagus Honey - Natural aphrodisiac tonic
 BeePollen - Nutritional supplement
 Citric Honey - Physical and mental refreshment
 Garlic Honey - Cholesterol lowering agent
 Ginseng Honey - Natural immune booster
 Licorice Honey - Treatment for peptic ulcer
 Lingzhi Honey - Natural tonic for anti-tumor
 Natural Honey - Natural tonic for fatigue
 Noni Honey - Natural supplement for cancer
 Propolis Honey - Wound healing agent (including mouth)
 Pyomay Honey - Natural tonic for women
 RoyalJelly - Royal Jelly... 75 mg
 Special Organic Honey - Natural supplement for fatigue
 Tinospora Honey - Anti-inflammatory

Immune Support

 Completec® - Complete antioxidant supplement
 Immugin® - Natural immune enhancer
 Immunoplex® - Immunoenhancer
 Nonicap® - Immunoenhancement

Kidney Support

 Nephrotec® - Astragaloside IV
 Rejuvir® - Phytoestrogen supplement
 Uritec® - For urinary tract infection
 Urocrush® - For renal stones

Liver Support

 Blueberry - Proanthocyanidin
 Cholecrush® - For gallstones
 Glycyrrhizin - For chronic hepatitis
 GreenTea - EGCG 150 mg
 Hepa-B® - For chronic hepatitis
 Hepaforte® - For chronic hepatitis
 Hepatec® - Hepatoprotective
 Honokiol - Chronic hepatitis
 Luteolin - Chronic hepatitis
 Milk Thistle - High potency liver support

Men’s Health

 BeePollen - Nutritional supplement
 Neurodopa®  - Natural dopamine supplement
 SawPalmetto - 5α-reductase inhibitor
 Tomatec® - Lycopene antioxidant 10 mg

Natural Antibiotics

 Mangosteen - Natural antibiotic
 Proplis - Nautral antibiotic

Natural Skin Care

 Aloeheal® - Herbal moisturizing cream
 Ladymax™ - Anti-acne gel
 Ladymax™ - Antioxidant cream
 Ladymax™ - Anti-wrinkle cream
 Ladymax™ - Breast beauty cream
 Ladymax™ - Depigmentation cream

Oral Health

 Clove Mouth Wash - Natural gargle for gingivitis and toothache
 Neem Mouth Wash - Natural gargle for mouth infection

Respiratory Health

 Echinacold® - For acute respiratory tract infection
 Herbicough® - Natural anti-tussive syrup
 Nemogin® - For respiratory tract infections
 Starnise® - Natural medicine for infulenza

Skin Health

 Nemoderm® - Natural anti-septic cream
 Neem Skin Cream - For skin infections
 Propolis Honey - Wound healing agent
 WoundHealer - Systemic enhancer for healing

Weight Management Support

 Chitobit® - Natural lipid inhibitor
 Citric Honey - Physical and mental refreshment
 GreenTea - EGCG
 SpiruGarlic® - Natural Cholesterol lowering

Women’s Health

 Ladymax® - Phytoestrogen supplement
 Pyomay Honey - Natural tonic for women
 Rejuvir® - Phytoestrogen supplement
 RoyalJelly - Antiaging agent
 Soyamin® - Soy isoflavones

Organic Farm

FAME Organic Farm covers about 45 acres and located in Pyin Oo Lwin Township, Mandalay Region, Myanmar. It opens daily and many government departments, foreign embassies, organizations, teams, universities, courses, students, travellers from local and abroad, enthusiasts have visited Organic Farm.

FAME Clinic

In 2010, Dr. Khin Maung Lwin, Managing Director/ founder of FAME Pharmaceuticals founded the FAME Clinic to promote the wellness of people and supplement the benefit of healthy living through using Natural and Organic Phyto-medicines in Myanmar. Today, FAME clinic is one of the most successful Integrative Medicine treatment center in Myanmar. Dr. Khin Maung Lwin practices the combination of “Western” (Conventional) medicine and “Eastern” (Complementary and Alternative) medicine treatments approach to treat patients with health problems associated with the central nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, urological, bone, cancer, liver and kidney disease, diabetics, hormonal imbalance, several types of skin infections diseases.

"We are different from Western Medicine Clinic in a way that we are not only focus on targeting a disease but also we treat the whole body wellness."

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