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Type Private
Industry Computer Software
Data Science
Founded 2011
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Key people Ed Miller (CEO)
sara Rohlfing (VP for Marketing)
Toshi Kureha (CTO)
Investors Dave Kellog
Foundry Group
Mayank Bawa
Mike Greenfield
Neu Venture Capital
Tassi Argyros
Techstars Ventures
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

DataHero is a California based, privately held Data Visualisation company,founded in 2011, that provides self-service cloud BI that enables users to quickly identify and understand the metrics that drive their business. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users are able to import and analyze data from the services they use every day – including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Stripe, Excel, and many more. Founded in 2011, DataHero is the fastest easiest way for businesses to get insights from their data and share them with clients and teams. With customers worldwide, ranging from large Enterprises to agencies and SMBs, DataHero empowers data heroes in every department of every kind of organization.

DataHero has a prebuilt connectors to leading cloud services so that we can get connected to the leading services and also DataHero uses a powerful Data Decoder which is an advanced data classification engine that takes the effort out of ETL that automatically classifies and normalizes your data for instant results with Advanced analytics.

DataHero provide a self service Analytical tools which could be handled even without any prior coding knowledge. DataHero utilize a 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure security of the data while transmitting across internet[1].

DataHero is a leading cloud business intelligence software platform that specializes in data visualization and data dashboards. DataHero has a distributed team with employees worldwide.

DataHero was named one of Hubspot's most recommended Apps for Startups in year 2018.

Latest innovations

The following are latest innovations made by DataHero

  • On December 17th,2015 , DataHero made innovation to make Content Marketing Analytics simple which is a info-site for marketing[2].
  • On December 16,2015 , DataHero Created a New Era for Data Visualization which have interactive visualizations to easily consume data to discover new findings and experience data analysis in new and improved way.[3].
  • On December 10,2015 , DataHero created 4 charts that is needed to optimize your AdWords ROI[4].
  • On December 8,2015 , DataHero introduced Dashboard filters which allows us to create a date filters that could be applied directly to all the charts in our Dashboard[5]

Services Provided

services Modules available
Solution for Agencies This visualises metrics from multiple sources and provide segmented data to business challenges and predicts the area that gets highest ROI [6]
Solution for E-Commerce Visualize customer purchase data and unlock the power of that customer data by visualizing top revenue-driving products, geographic and marketing campaigns with a single drag-and-drop simplicity[7]
Solution for Education Visualize education data so that it could align marketing strategies and institutional aid awards with enrollment objectives and monitor admissions funnel and maintain a up-to-date dashboards[8].
Solution for Financial services Insightful Financial Business Intelligence for banking, wealth management, accounting and other services. It helps extract data that will enhance performance and reduce risk[9]
Solution for Marketing Module named Every Marketer have a Number they have to Hit which creates a friendly marketing dashboard to help combine and then interpret the data uploaded[10]
Solution for Sales This provides a clear view of the sales pipeline, team performance and overlal sales rocess efficiency to keep track of the operational insight.[11].
Solution for Technology industries Visualize your Cloud Service data to keep up the rate of change in technology and provides services to your CRM system to your customer support service[12].


  • 2011- DataHero was founded
  • May 31,2012- DataHero aims to turns us all into analytics stars
  • April 23,2013- DataHero launches its free service
  • May 13,2014- DataHero makes data combination very easy
  • May 19,2015- DataHero snags $6.1M to Democratize Data Visualization
  • Jan 6,2016- Cloudability scoops up DataHero as Buying Binge Countries



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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

1.Cloudability buys DataHero for more accurate cost analysis-Accounting start-up Cloudability has acquired data visualisation service provider DataHero, another cloud start-up that formed at about the same time[13].
2.DataHero Snags $6.1M To Democratize Data Visualization-DataHero, the SaaS company that wants to bring data visualization to non-technical end users, announced $6.1 million in Series A funding today. It also announced a new chief executive and a partnership with Hubspot[14].
3.As business picks up, analytics startup DataHero goes freemium- The new pricing strategy kicks in as the company is experiencing high growth in its number of paying customers and adding integrations with a lot more services[15].
4. DataHero raises $3.1M and revamps its analytics service-Analytics startup DataHero, which focuses on relatively small data for developers and individuals, has raised $3.15 million in venture capital and redesigned its service to create an even simpler user experience[16].
5. Datahero Turns Data Into Rich Visuals Without The Need For A Data Analyst-at Disrupt NY, represents how the market is segmenting for data visualization and data-analytics tools based upon level of skill, complexity and overall richness and sophistication of the technology[17].


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