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South Ville Maelk.png
South Ville Maelk
Type Private
Industry Cow Milk
Slogan Farm Fresh Cow Milk
Headquarters South Delhi, India


South Ville Maelk is the first fresh cow milk brand dedicated to facilitating consumers with the product of international standards. It is located in Delhi and started through two successful entrepreneurs. The brand is focusing on providing pasteurized cow milk.

The company believes that the milk tastes the best when it is packed in the glass bottles because glass bottles don’t contain any specific type of odor. It maintains the taste of milk and keeps it pure. You can buy cow milk online by using the service of South Ville.

South Ville milk comes from the Holstein Friesian & Jersey cows raised at the farm. Here, the milk is harvested on a daily basis from the cows and is completely untouched by human hands. To check the quality, milk goes for lab-testing. It gets pasteurized and bottled on the farm. The milk bottles are stored in insulated cool boxes to maintain the cooling and then sent for delivery in milk vans to be delivered in localities of South Delhi.

South Ville Milk Bottle

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The milk bottle of South Ville is very functional and have an attractive square shaped carafe. It has been made in such a way that people find it easy to pour and store the milk. Its bottle has been manufactured by the known glass bottle manufacturer. The bottle is lead-free and perfect for storing milk. The bottle glass is too thick that it is helpful in retaining the freshness of the milk. South Ville airtight bottle is capable of maintaining proper hygiene and the contamination problem can be avoided easily. The milk bottles are put into the insulated cushioned delivery bags that protect the bottle. Due to the insulation, the milk taste will affect.


South Ville Maelk belongs to a farm located on the outer area of Delhi at Kundli Sonipat, Haryana. They use modern technology for milking and pasteurizing. Also, their bottling makes the milk clean and safe. The milk stores at the temp of 4 degrees till the time it is ready to be transported.

What Makes South Ville Special?

You get the fresh pasteurized cow milk that can be directly used and stored in the refrigerator.The milk goes for lab-testing before it goes for delivery. Milk comes from the cows that live under the most hygienic condition

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