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Logo beiley software.png
Beiley Software
Type Private
Industry Portfolio management software
Financial Services
Founded 1993
Slogan Quality, Easy-To-Use Software
Headquarters Chandler, Arizona, USA
Related Certifications Certificate in Portfolio Management Technology Industry Overview

Beiley Software is a Chandler, Arizona, USA based privately held software company that provides software tools for portfolio and fund management for individual and institutional investors. The company was founded by Mark Beiley in the year 1993 and has a small team of three. Mark Beiley, a Stanford Ph.D started Beiley Software in 1993 as a part-time project. Prior to this, Beiley worked for IBM and Intel.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager is powerful portfolio management software. Fund Manager is available in Personal, Professional, or Advisor versions for the individual investor, professional trader, or investment advisor. Compare these products to find the Fund Manager program that's right for you.


  • * Track stocks, funds, options, bonds, etc
  • * Powerful graphing
  • * Extensive reports
  • * Capital gain calculations
  • * FIFO, AVG, or Specific Lot
  • * Wash sale support
  • * Export to tax software
  • * Yield calculations (GIPS/AIMR compliant)
  • * Technical analysis
  • * Retrieve prices from the internet
  • * Retrieve transactions from broker/fund
  • * Trailing stop loss alerts
  • * Import from Quicken, Money, or text
  • * Bond calculations/income schedule
  • * Multi-currency support
  • * Broker/dealer interfaces
  • * Client management, fee calculations

Handy Address Book

Handy Address Book is easy to use, yet powerful software that makes keeping track of your contacts simple and fun. It has all the features you'd expect in an address book, plus many extras. Handy Address Book has powerful importing and exporting capabilities, with built in profiles to quickly import from other popular programs such as Outlook, Palm, or the Windows Address Book. Powerful and customizable printing is also included. Print your addresses in a tabular list format, as a booklet, or as detailed records. Envelope and label printing is also included. The print preview feature makes sure you always know what you will get before actually printing. Share address books among multiple users with adjustable permissions when used with the optional Handy Server. Optionally encrypt and password protect your address book for safe storage of personal information. Contacts can by synchronized with your mobile phone and Google's contacts.


  • - Windows 10 compatible
  • - Fast, intuitive interface
  • - Maps and driving directions
  • - Dial contact's phone
  • - Email your contacts
  • - Label and envelope printing
  • - Booklet and phone list printing
  • - Customizable printing
  • - Print preview
  • - Sync with iPhone, Android, etc
  • - Import from Outlook, Palm, etc
  • - Photo support
  • - Share books over a network
  • - Encrypt and password protect
  • - Portable
  • - Sync with Google contacts


remind-Me is calendar software that tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur. It displays holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any regularly scheduled event in a list or on an attractive traditional calendar. Have Remind-Me alert you of events when your computer starts up, or at any specified time. Remind-Me has built-in support for sending e-mail when an event comes up. E-mail can be sent automatically, or compose it yourself. Remind-Me can even attach a personal audio greeting, recorded by using your computer's sound card and microphone. Remind-Me is also useful as a general purpose calendar, with built in support for all the major holidays. Customize Remind-Me to operate however you like. Have Remind-Me start when Windows starts or start up hidden in the task tray. Leave Remind-Me in the task tray to have quick access to a calendar filled with your events. The Remind-Me task tray icon also serves to show the current day of the month.


  • - Easy calendar interface
  • - Day, Week, Month, or Year views
  • - List view
  • - Popup reminders
  • - E-mail reminders
  • - User-defined Categories
  • - Customizable printing
  • - Print preview
  • - Flexible repeating events
  • - Built in holidays
  • - Birthdays and anniversaries
  • - Sync with your smart phone
  • - Sync with Google or Outlook
  • - iCalendar support

Active To-Do List

Active To-Do List keeps track of your tasks in an easy to use format. It can Quickly record as many notes as you need for each task, and organize your tasks into categories or even different to-do lists. Tasks can be set to repeat at a wide variety of intervals so repeating tasks only need to be entered once. Remind yourself with a variety of alarm options including a popup window, playing a sound, sending an email reminder, or running any program. Your to-do list can be published to your web site with the push of a button, so you can view it even while you're away from your computer. Active To-Do List is very simple to learn and use, but also offers advanced filtering and searching capabilities when needed.


  • - Simple, fast interface
  • - E-mail reminders
  • - Unlimited notes
  • - Categories
  • - Customizable printing
  • - Print preview
  • - Publish list to the web
  • - Repeating tasks
  • - Uses minimal resources
  • - Audible and popup alarms
  • - Password protection

Safe Data Backup

Safe Data Backup protects your valuable data. Easily back up your data to a CD, DVD, local drive, USB memory stick, or network drive. For extra safety, use the remote backup features to store your encrypted data offsite. Remote backup is available using either FTP or e-mail. Schedule automatic backups to run unattended, so your data always remains safely backed up. Backups can optionally store revisions of modified files and deleted files, so you can restore any earlier version of a file. Backups can even copy files currently open or locked by other applications. Powerful filtering options enable you to precisely select the data you want to backup. Advanced features are available, such as being able to launch other jobs before/after each backup job. Safe Data Backup has a simple, intuitive interface and uses minimal system resources when running.


  • - Windows 10 compatible
  • - Simple, fast interface
  • - Backup to CD or DVD
  • - Supports local and network drives
  • - Compressed ZIP backup
  • - AES 256 encrypted backups
  • - Remote backup via e-mail
  • - Remote backup via FTP or SFTP
  • - Uses minimal resources
  • - Backup locked/open files
  • - Automated scheduled backups
  • - Save revisions of modified files
  • - Save deleted files
  • - Advanced filtering capabilities

Audio Caller ID

Audio Caller ID is simple to use and keeps you in control of your incoming phone calls. Audio Caller ID uses the latest text to speech engines, so you will always be able to clearly hear who is calling. You can optionally assign pre-recorded sounds to be played for specified callers. Know who is calling, even when you are away from home. Audio Caller ID uses minimal system resources and stays out of your way while you're working. The task tray icon quickly shows you the number of new calls. With Audio Caller ID, you'll never again have to get up to find out who's calling.


  • - See and hear who is calling
  • - Email yourself who called
  • - Block unwanted calls
  • - Display image of caller
  • - Publish call log to your web site
  • - Return calls with a single click
  • - No extra hardware required

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