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Alpine Data Labs.
Type Private
Industry Big Data Analytics
Founded 2010
Headquarters 1550 Bryant Street Suite 1000 San Francisco, CA 94103
Key people Dan Udotoch (CEO)
Anderson Wong (Co-founder)
Yi-Ling Chen(Co-founder)
Joe Otto (Chairman)[1]
Steven Hilion (Chief Product Officer)
Thomas Awe (SVP Worldwide Sales)
Lawrennce Spracklen (VP of Engineering)
Josh Lewis (VP of Product)
Investors Mission Ventures
Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Sierra Ventures
Stanford University
UMC Capital
Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia
Number of employees 100
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview


Alpine Data Labs is a provider of advanced analytics software on Big Data and Hadoop.Alpine provides both a SaaS and a perpetual license model for its offerings. The company's customers include Ericsson, Kaiser Permanente, Lockheed Martin, Morgan Stanley, NBC, Bosch, and Visa[2]. Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Sierra Venture, Mission Ventures were some of the early investors of Alpine Data Labs. [3]


  • 2010: Anderson Wong and Yi-Ling Chen co-founded Alpine Data Labs
  • 2011: Raised $7.5 million in Series A round funding, moved headquarters from Beijing to San Mateo, California, Alpine Miner was launched, along with Alpine Miner 2.0 for Oracle Database
  • November 2013, $16 million was raised in series B round of funding


Alpine Miner Series

  • Alpine Miner allows non-data scientists to create predictive analytics data models without using code and uses an "In-Database" model.

In 2011 Alpine Miner 2.0 was released with Oracle support. Alpine Miner 3.0 released in 2011 with a refined interface and was flexible enough to work on tablets and smartphones.


  • Converts both structured and unstructured data formats to a common MAP Reduce format for processing large data sets with parallel and distributed algorithms on the cloud.
  • In-cluster/In-database data mining platform
  • Supports Predictive Model Markup Language(PMML)[4] PMML is a de facto standard to provide predictive solutions, since it is a standardized it allows various data mining tools to to be written in their same language
  • Supports CRISP-DM lifecycle CRISP-DM[5] is the acronym for Cross Industry Process for Data Mining is a methodical approach to planning a data mining project and helps solve many challenging problems in the business world.
  • Designed to run in Hadoop environment such as Greenplum, Morgan Stanley, GE Capital and Visa
  • It is a web based application
  • Includes data profiling, analytic workflows for data interpretation and predictive collaborative features
  • Supports machine learning

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Few News Headlines

  • Topological data analysis- TDA (Topological Data Analysis) helps by capturing both global behavior as well as localized structure while attenuating information loss in complex data[6].
  • Chorus upgrade shifts machine learning analysis-The latest version of Alpine Data’s analytics platform seeks to combine data with machine learning for business users by shifting the focus from algorithms while adding human collaboration and governance capabilities to machine learning projects[7]
  • Alpine Data Supplies Missing Link for Predictive Analytics- 4 year old startup is able to build big data solutions so as to come up with simplified predictive models [8]
  • Alpine Data Makes Machine Learning Real for Business Execs-Enhanced version of Chorus launched[9]
  • Analytics startup Alpine Data Labs has 10 times the users it did in 2013. Here’s why- Joe Otto, the current CEO explains the sudden shoot in the number of customers[10]



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