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Type Private
Industry Data Science
Founded 2012
Headquarters Mountain View, CA, United States
Key people John Dillon (CEO)
Brian Bulkowski (Founder & CTO)
Srini V. Srinivasan (Founder & Chief Development Officer)
Jim LoDestro (Chief Revenue Officer) [1]
Investors Draper Associates, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Regis McKenna and Alsop Louie Partners
Number of employees 51 - 200
Related Certifications Certificate in Data Science Industry Overview

Aerospike, formerly known as Citrusleaf (founded in 2009) was formed by database and networking industry veterans Brian Bulkowski and Srini V. Srinivasan. The company re-branded from Citrusleaf to Aerospike in 2012. It works on a key-value data store designed to run within a combination of RAM and Flash storage. The open source NoSQL database, which essentially bypasses the file system to speed up processing, is widely used among ad tech companies due to its capability to process mixed read and write workloads at high speeds with low latencies.
Aerospike databases often run upwards of 30TB in size, are asked to process up to 100 billion objects and tackle a million transactions per second. With geospatial data along with other data types like strings, integers, binaries, and lists, Aerospike will allow its customers to track movement in the world in a unique way.With its new update, its new features will enable richer, more personalized applications, more efficient operations and greater stability across public and private clouds.
Aerospike's database is a combination of three layers: the Client Layer, the Distribution Layer, and the Data Storage Layer.

  • The Aerospike Client Layer is designed for speed, and includes open source client libraries that utilize Aerospike APIs, track nodes, and keep track of data.
  • The Distribution Layer is a self-managing attribute that automates fail-over, replication, and data migration.
  • The Data Storage Layer is flash-optimized and stores data in both RAM and Flash.Data is stored in policy containers referred to as "namespaces”.


Products and Services

Aerospike currently offers two products Aerospike Community Edition and Aerospike Enterprise Edition

Aerospike Enterprise Edition
  • Comes with access to tested and certified binaries, hot patches, deployment planning, performance health checks, and tune-ups to ensure non-stop operations
  • Enterprise customers can always take advantage of Community Support and also get 24x7x365 production support and access to Aerospike experts via the Customer Support Portal
  • Comes with Aerospike Cross Data Center Replication™ (XDR, which manages replication asynchronously across clusters in different data centers
Aerospike Community Edition
  • This edition is free and new builds are periodically made available.
  • The Aerospike client code is available in GitHub under the Apache 2 license.
  • The Aerospike server code is available in GitHub under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU AGPL v3.0 (AGPL) to protect the long-term interests of the community.
Educational Services

This service includes a two-three days training bundle includes two courses: Aerospike for Developers and Aerospike Administration & Operations.

  • Standard Training - Customers may attend training either in person via the classroom version, or virtually via the video-conferenced version; both are instructor-led
  • On-Site Training - Training is held on-site at the customer’s location. Class size is limited to 15 participants to maximize interaction with the trainer
  • Custom On-Site Training - Starting with training, customers accelerate their knowledge of Aerospike before receiving architectural validation of their intended use case(s). Training is conducted at the customer’s location. Class size is limited to 15 participants in order to ensure maximum interaction with the trainer.
Consulting Services

Aerospike provides consulting services in many areas that include Architecture & Design of the Aerospike topology, Performance Sizing & Tuning of the customer’s Aerospike database, Aerospike Data Modeling and Migration of Traditional Database (RDBMS) to Aerospike.


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  • 2012 - Citrusleaf was rebranded to Aerospike
  • 2014 - Aerospike Raises $20 Million Series C Funding to Fuel Next Stage of Growth for Enterprise-Grade In-Memory NoSQL Database and Neustar Selects Aerospike In-Memory NoSQL Database to Power PlatformOne
  • 2015 - Aerospike Appoints Peter Goldmacher as Vice President of Strategy and Market Development and named John Dillon, previously of, as its new CEO
  • 2016 - Aerospike Announces Latest Version of Its High-Performance NoSQL Database that includes Geospatial indexing

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Top 5 Recent News Headlines

  • CyberAgent Chooses Aerospike’s NoSQL Database as Data Infrastructure for Its AdTech Division - Aerospike, the high-performance NoSQL database company recognized for “speed at scale” leadership, announced that CyberAgent, Inc., a Tokyo-based leader in Internet services, has selected Aerospike as the next-generation NoSQL database for AdTech Studio, its real-time ad technology platform. [3]
  • Aerospike Announces Latest Version of Its High-Performance NoSQL Database - Aerospike released version 3.7 of its NoSQL database. With new features that enable richer, more personalized applications, more efficient operations and greater stability across public and private clouds, Aerospike is advancing the development of mission-critical, transactional applications that can scale to millions of transactions per second. [4]
  • Aerospike Advances Real-Time Decisioning for Spark and Hadoop Users - Aerospike 3.6 offers enhanced support for Spark and Hadoop, enabling users to get even more value from the analytics they create from their data lakes for real-time decisioning scenarios. [5]
  • Cazamba Chooses Aerospike to Scale User Profile Store - Aerospike announced that Cazamba, a São Paulo, Brazil-based media technology company, has chosen the Aerospike to scale its user profile store and drive international expansion of its digital advertising platform. [6]
  • Melt DSP Selects Aerospike to Support Massive Growth - Aerospike announced that Melt DSP, Latin America’s first Demand-Side Platform (DSP) with real-time media buying, has selected the Aerospike In-Memory NoSQL Key-Value Store with Cross Data Center Replication (XDR) to scale its user profile store and ID-mapping store and support massive business growth. [7]



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