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A10 Clinical Solutions
Industry Pharmaceutical

Government Medical & Research Centers Corporate Clinics Clinical Financial Management Clinical Call Center Patient Recruitment

Founded 2004
Headquarters 2000 Regency Parkway, Suite 295

Cary, NC 27518

Key people Leah Brown, Owner and President


Clinical Research

  • A10 Clinical Solutions (A10) helps its clients get their life-saving, innovative, investigational new drugs to market faster and safer by the quality management of critical clinical trials.
  • A10 is known for its outstanding thought-leadership and is one of only a handful of certified woman and minority owned firms that provide clinical trials services. A10 supports functional outsourcing for Phase I – IV clinical trials that contribute to the FDA approval of therapeutic products for global biotech and pharmaceutical clients and studies conducted by government agencies and academic medical centers.

Clinical Care

  • A10 Clinical Care helps its clients achieve measurable cost savings by providing tenured healthcare professionals ready to make an immediate contribution. This just-in-time service reduces the increasing economic- impact of human resources expenses.
  • A10 also focuses on maintaining healthy employees in an eco-friendly environment. To that end, A10 clients benefit from improved productivity, reduction in absenteeism, medical cost containment through the development of on-site “green” occupational health centers C3. A10’s C3 centers offer a customized suite of services that integrate with existing health programs that improve employee health, client’s financial health and the health of the environment.



To be The Clinical Powerhouse Healing the World


A10’s mission is to be the center of excellence for groundbreaking healthcare research and disease prevention by providing customizable clinical solutions and unprecedented service that results in life-saving treatments and improved quality of life for those in need.


A10 Clinical Solutions is a clinical research and clinical care company that works with pharmaceutical companies, government entities and other organizations to bring new and innovative drugs and healthcare improvements to market faster. They specialize in clinical resourcing, clinical government, clinical financial services, clinical international, clinical information technology and corporate clinics.

Clinical Research

They help clients conduct clinical studies to improve health outcomes for patients and our community.

Clinical Care

They provide corporate and government clients the ability to lower employee healthcare cost by providing occupational health services in eco-friendly on-site clinics.

Clinical Financial Management

They bring acute clinical and financial acumen and proven processes to clinical studies, including trial budgets and agreements, contract negotiation and administration, regulatory documentation, finance and accounting. Clients enjoy dramatic productivity spikes within their daily Clinical Operations functions when engaging A10’s centralized Clinical Financial Management.

Clinical Career Coaching

They help individuals build a winning resume package and provide individualized career coaching that assists in the development of a program which allows you to exceed your clinical career goals.


Clinical research is impossible without the selfless participation of patients. Improving patient care hinges on the talent and dedication of researchers. Education and training are critical to improving the practice of medicine and, therefore, patient care. A10 believes the future of the clinical-trials industry depends on achieving a successful balance between safety and efficacy. A10 is devoted to helping clients achieve this delicate balance by finding solutions that are financially feasible, yet never sacrificial of patient safety. With this important goal in mind, A10 strives to encourage the growth and development of life-altering and life-saving medical compounds and devices.

Clinical Trial Management

Clinical trial management involves managing massive amounts of documentation between multiple parties and systems. A10 is committed to the recruitment initiatives that are required to manage a trial so that the results obtained are highly successful.

Functional Outsourcing

A10 is one of a few companies that are able to combine CRO expertise and oversight throughout the clinical trial process supported by robust specialized sourcing engines. This solution is ideal for clients that lack a particular expertise in a specific functional area or are short staffed or lack facility space during the clinical trial process. A10 utilizes agreed upon SOPs to avoid stop-gaps that sometime are caused by utilizing a large inflexible CRO organization. By combining the best of both business models, the result is an offering that is highly customized, more efficient and cost-effective than conventional CROs.

Contingent Workforce

A10 provides just-in-time clinical resourcing for clients, enabling them to depend on us to provide qualified resources; whenever needed, wherever needed. By maintaining a strong pipeline of pre-screened resources based on agreed forecasts, A10 consistently helps meet rigorous project deadlines. A10 improves a client’s project success levels by offering flexible and customized resourcing solutions and immediate access to top notch clinical talent. Sampling of high-volume recruited skills include: clinical research associates and managers, study managers, medical and safety monitors, medical writers, research medical coders, biostatisticians, data managers, quality assurance and auditing.

Therapeutic Areas

  • Cardiovascular
  • Oncology
  • Respiratory
  • Vaccines
  • Consumer Goods
  • Medical Devices
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Neo-Natal
  • Autism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity
  • Bone Immunology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Neuromuscular
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmic
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurosciences
  • Dermatology
  • Lab Animal Science


A10 provides clinical services ranging from supplying clinical workforce to hospitals and government agencies to operating full-service, on-site corporate clinics.

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act requires that we act now to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. These diseases account for 75 percent of the nation’s health spending, yet are often preventable.

A10 is working under the Affordable Health Care Act to make prevention affordable by partnering with corporations, airports and on long-term government projects to provide low-cost/no-cost on-site health clinics to employees. The purpose is to help control extreme healthcare costs through direct-access, low-cost, timely health services with a full array of wellness and on-site clinic programs.

This convenient access to healthcare is a win for employers looking to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. And it’s a win for employees by reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket employee costs by providing primary and preventive care where they work. Lastly, these onsite clinics are a win for the general population by allowing the diagnosis and treatment of both chronic and communicable diseases.

High-quality affordable preventive care that is easy to access helps Americans stay healthy, avoid or delay the onset of disease, lead productive lives, and reduce costs.

Contingent Workforce

A10 offers flexible and customized resourcing solutions with immediate access to top-notch clinical talent. Highly qualified professionals cover a broad range of medical specialties that include:

  • registered nurses
  • physical therapists
  • surgical technicians
  • hospice nurses
  • health information analysts
  • medical lab technicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • LPNs
  • phlebotomists

C3 Centers – Corporate Clinics

Onsite C3 GREEN Centers: At A10’s C3 Centers, the focus is to maintain healthy employees in an eco-friendly environment. As a result, clients benefit from improved productivity, reduction in absenteeism; medical cost containment resulting in the improvement of our client’s bottom line. All A10 C3 Centers are “Green” centers; aimed to improve the health of each employee as well as the environment. Onsite C3 centers will be a customized suite of services that integrate with your company’s existing programs and drive appropriate utilization.


A10 Clinical Research

Provides FDA approved turn-key clinical trial solutions, from management to research studies and clinical testing, contributing to the health and well being of patients.

Determines the safety and efficacy of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment. Tests how new medical approaches work in humans in order to find improved methods to prevent, screen for, diagnose or treat diseases. Performs studies to answer questions about certain diseases or health issues. A10 Clinical Care

Operates and manages eco-friendly on-site occupational health clinics for employees and their families by conducting routine medical care, health-management counseling, generic medicines and lab exams conveniently at the client’s work location.

Controls ongoing cost increases in employer healthcare benefits. Provides trained clinical professionals focused on improving employee health. Provides early intervention, diagnosis and improved clinical outcomes to produce healthier, better-educated, highly productive employees. A10 Clinical Government

Provides research and technical expertise to governments in the areas of health and pharmaceuticals:

Supports research for governmental studies involving chronic and acute diseases, health promotion and maintenance, symptom management, health disparities, care giving, self-management, and the end of life. Provides up-to-date information through conducting federally supported clinical trials for a wide range of diseases and conditions. A10 Clinical Financial Management

Centralizes financial functions throughout the clinical study and trial process:

Manage financial health of trials (actual spend vs. plan analysis) Manage trial cost approval and tracking Develop overall trial budget Determine site budgets for conducting clinical trials and rollout Organize management of clinical grants Support financial development and forecasting of trials Consolidate financial function among groups Serve as a single point of contact A10 Clinical International

Global client clinical support services:

Develops international coalitions dedicated to identifying and replicating successful community-based solutions to improve health conditions and disease prevention. Provides a wide range of research services to speed up the drug research and development process for pharmaceutical, biotech, and nutraceutical companies interested in conducting clinical trials overseas. A10 Special Payroll Services

Provides clients with the opportunity to quickly on-board personnel while placing the resource on A10’s payroll, which allows our clients to utilize the skills of former employees, retirees, contractors, or seasonal and temporary employees.

Provides back-office support and payroll funding to clients, while offering minimal liability for contract personnel. Provides human resources, payroll and benefit administration solutions. Funds and prepares the payroll as well as assumes all mandatory tax and legal liabilities. Enables a company to resource “as-needed and when-needed” without adding employees to its payroll. A10 Clinical Career Coaching

The A10 Clinical Career Coaching Team can develop a program to help you exceed your career goals. We are specialists in the Clinical Arena with contracts in international pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Research institutions and leading biotech firms.

Reviews and updates your resume. Reviews and updates your cover letter. Personalized one-on-one or group clinical-career coaching.


Clinical Monitoring

Dedicated clinical research associates provide consistent and effective monitoring and management of study sites.

Project Management

Highly experienced project managers are measured by on-time deliverables and cost containment.

Quality Assurance

Clinical quality assurance resources provide in-depth auditing to ensure strict clinical trials’ compliance.


Deliver safety monitoring services to track adverse effects according to comprehensive safety plans.

Data Management

They partner to bring extensive data management experience for Phase I-IV clinical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas.


We partner to provide statistical analysis, reporting and high-quality data.

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