7th Annual IoT, AI & Blockchain Summit 2020

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7th Annual IoT, AI & Blockchain Summit 2020
Date 2020-07-02
Place Sterlings Mac (Matthan Hotel)

134, HAL Old Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bangalore - 560 017

Hashtag #VIaiiot

IOT is changing the world around us and with ‘Digital India’ and the ‘Smart Cities Mission,’ is using technologies to offer a slew of smart services that are efficient, sustainable, accessible and affordable. Smart city solutions such as smart transportation, smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart communications, smart lighting etc… According to markets, the global blockchain technology is expected to rise upto $2.31bn by 2021.  Research provides strong evidence that blockchain applications could transform existing business models and invent new forms of business in a profound way. Function using integrated technologies, such as IoT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. These solutions reduce costs for governments, citizens and enterprises alike. Enterprise and industrial markets are poised to become the biggest areas where the Internet of Things will be implemented.

This summit will explore the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT), AI & Blockchain on industries, such as manufacturing, transport, supply chain, insurance, logistics, government, energy and automotive.

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We have sponsorship opportunities available for the event, which gives you an opportunity to sponsor/speak/exhibit/Booth/Stall and create brand awareness. In addition, the networking opportunities in focused and relevant industry gathering provide the personal contact necessary for business development efforts. So kindly let me know if you would be interested in sponsorship packages and then I can share more details.

Speaker Highlights

·        TULIKA PANDEY, Scientist 'F' & Director, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India

·        RAJAN MATHEWS , Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India 

·        SUBRATA RAKSHIT, Associate Director (Technology), Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

·        NIRANJAN SRINIVASAN  , Vice President & Delivery Head – IVS, Infosys

·        RAVINDRA SHET , Director - IoT & Convergence Technologies, Samsung Electronics

·        RAVICHANDRAN MAHADEVAN, Vice President IoT - Moving Assets, SAP

·        ANIRUDDHA DESWANDIKAR , Director & Principal Architect - Strategic AI Initiatives, Microsoft

·        RAGHURAM LANKA , Assistant Vice President – AI, Reliance Jio

·        KRISHNA MARKANDE, Associate Vice President, Principal Technology Architect, Infosys   

·        SHEIK BILAL PEER MOHAMMED, Director – Public Services, Utilities & Telco Development, SAP

·        LUX RAO, Director & Head – Solutions, NTT India

·        BIPIN PRADEEP KUMAR, Co-Founder, Gaia Smart Cities

·        PAVAN KUMAR , Director, Product Management – IoT, SAP

·        JOPHY VARGHESE, APAC Head – Strategic SIs & Alliances, Verizon

·        MINERVA PANDA , Research Associate, Niramai

·        SOORAJ KUMAR RAJ , IIoT Solutions Product Management - Track & Trace, Supply Chain Management, Blockchain, Asset Performance Management, HCL

·        M.MUNI PRABAHARAN , Process Engineering Consultant

·        MILIND D KULABKAR, Company Secretary and Legal Counsel, Professional Non Executive Resident, Independent Director

·        MADHU KARTHA, Senior IT Manager, Dell

Plus many more

Key Topics

·        Connected Industry: How the IIoT evolves with the advent of new technology, trends, developments and some industry forecasts.

·        Developing and implementing cognitive computing within industries

·        Machine learning for industry - What is the role of AI and Data Analytics in it

·        The future of industrial machine learning

·        Understanding the implementation of IoT innovations

·        How do companies ensure that the IoT's potential is realized?

·        Innovation and application of AI technologies

·        What is the potential of using AI for AR and VR?

·        AI's future impact on cybercrime

·        Changing our way of protecting our most important assets

·        Transforming healthcare with AI & Big Data

·        How does AI change the delivery of health care systems?

·        Global technology of blockchain – Providing innovative solutions to real-world problems

·        How higher levels of assurances can be instilled into decentralized applications

·        Future possibilities for blockchain technology – Where will we be in 2025?

·        How blockchain could create entrepreneurial value in the good manufacturing and fast consumer sectors

·        Cyber security – Exploring the converging technology

·        Evolving cyber intelligence landscapes

·        Be part of a major networking opportunity


Please note that this is a PAID event and NOT A FREE event (no complimentary passes available). Any invite, email or tickets issued mentioning it as a free pass or free ticket to this event through any third party site will strictly not be accepted by the organizer and entry won’t be granted at the event.

Please contact kavitha on Email – kavitha@virtueinsight.co.in or +91 44 24762472

·        Early Bird Discount (Valid till 8th May 2020 ) – 1 Delegate – (INR 8,000 + GST (18%) per delegate)

·        Standard Price ( Valid from 9th May 2020) – 1 Delegate – (INR 12,000 + GST (18%) per delegate)

·        For Bulk Booking of More Than 5 Delegates discounts available

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