Blanca Barreto

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Gnome-home.png Employer/College: Bayer


I am an OBGYN since 1993, worked as a Medical Manager in Roche, Leti and Bayer and have a 10 year´s experience in Pharmaceuthical¨s Industry


I am a very honest and ethical person, I like to read and spend time with relatives and friends. I made some medical´s proyects like a Bariatric Consensuos and Anemia Managment Consensuos and a Continuos Medical Education with the Venezuelan Cervical and Vulvar Cancer Society

Job History

I worked in Roche as a Medical Advisor for Biological Products as MabThera (a monoclonal antibody Lymphoma Therapy) and other Oncological Molecules as a Recormon, Neulastim, Neupogen and Bondronat as others. I also woked in Leti (a Venezuelan local Phamaceuthical Industrie), as a Medical Coordinator for Clinical Studies and in Bayer as a Medical Advisor for OTC products

Education History

I studied in Universidad Central de Venezuela and obtained both Physician and OBGYN degree